The Best Remedy comes from Nature!

Specialty Blends

~ remedies for Cosmic Conditions or
~ remedies to give you Cosmic conditions

These blends are designed for intervention. They support the process of facing, resolving, and moving on... perhaps to find a more appropriate or self-empowered approach and response. We tend to be creatures of habit and habits too often fail to fit the situation at hand. A Life Master is in the moment, responding to what is now with confidence, treading lightly and embracing wisdom.

15 ml Remedy Bottle ~ $7.00

3 Sisters ~ embrace the Spirit of Play. Bond in like-minded co-Creation. In Native lore, Creator gave 3 Sisters ~ corn, beans and squash ~ to provide for and sustain first man.

Camelot ~ manifest your dream. Create Heaven on Earth. Contains water from Chalice Well.

Esther ~ Joy in work and play. The reward is in the task well done. Heart of the Dove ~ Embody the Heart of Spirit. Align with the New Earth Grid and Receive the Heart of Spirit.

Master Blaster ~ break through the barrier. Dissolve resistance. Moving on NOW!

Pineal Catalyzer ~ stop mental auto-replay. Activate the Pineal, energy of Expanded Perspective and Perception.

Quiet Waters ~ calm aggitation. Experience restfulness, tranquility and Peaceful Contemplation.

the Red Badge ~ gives courage, resolves procrastination. Know and do the right thing.

Safe Journey ~ Guardian Angel connection. Lights the Fairy Star of Protection.

Violet Flame ~ Protection, Forgiveness, Transmutation and Freedom.

Set of 10 ~ $61.00
includes 4 oz Three Sisters Auroma and Liquid Light Book

Life Elixirs

A Blast of the Force!

These blends are designed to Catalyze Dynamic Expansion Toward the Light... for Astral Free-Flow Beyond the outer-limits of Reality where the Creator Gods Play.

Made from a single crystal or cluster.

Life Elixirs15 ml Remedy Bottle ~ $7.00

EarthKeeper Elder ~ align Life Path with the Light-Grid and Light-Body. Move into the New without abandoning the old. Integrate and Expand.

Excaliber ~ sword of clear intent. Align Will, Focus and Intent with Right Action.

Ground ~ anchor the life-force within with the task at hand. A multi-faceted cluster of quartz from the Merlin Cave, England.

Healing Generator ~ Atlantis Healing Technologies stored in the Lightbraries and a record keeper mark on the God’s Eye. Powerful Healing Crystal to advance technique and application on both a personal and professional level.

Isis-Time Links ~ access Akashic Records and the Wisdom of the Ages. Helps with time and inner-dimensional travel.

Machu Picchu Receiver ~ connects with a transmitter buried at the Hitching Post of the Stars, Machu Picchu, Heart of the Harmonic Convergence. Heal the past and bring those energies into the present. Follow the flow of a New Paradigm.

Pleiadian Channeler ~ multi-dimensional Light Technologies for healing and regeneration. Access Inter-Dimensional Healers from our Sister Planets to Assist the Process and Support the Journey of Healing.

Sacred 7 ~ Sacred Power of 7 Represents the 4 aspects of physical - earth, air, fire and water - with the 3 aspects of Spirit - Inspiration, Love and Wisdom. Walk the Sacred Path where the Earthly Dances with the Divine to Create Life.

The Medicine Wheel ~ When the sun sets under the New Moon, it brings us “First Light,” Grandmother Medicine to Illuminate the World of Dreams and Light the Path of Destiny, “the Circle of Life”.

Set of 9 ~ $55.00
includes Kokpelli 4 oz Auroma and Liquid Light Book

Remedy Bottle ~ 15 ml, labeled, cobalt blue bottle with black dropper and enough Mother Elixir to make the first generation, 1X, Vibrational Remedy. You add the bottling medium, we like distilled water with 40% brandy (50/50 Apricot/Ginger. Apricot brings Joy, Ginger balance and strength.) Shake the bottle vigorously to “Potentize” the Remedy. When down to the last dropper-full, refill the bottle with prefered medium and shake vigorously. You now have 2X Remedy. Homeopathically speaking, the more times the Remedy is reduced and re-Potentized the more powerful it becomes.

Vinegar can be used in place of brandy. Without a preservative, the Remedy can become contaminated and grow things.

Liquid Light is a bioDynamic Vibrational Remedy to Assist in Healing and Self-Empowerment.