The Best Remedy comes from Nature!

Sweet NIP 8 oz Auroma $22.00

Mist the room, luggage, car and yourself
Eliminate unwanted microbial attachments
Great for “Doggie Droopies”!

Sweet NIP 8 oz Lotion $26.00

Stimulate Immune System Fight against
Bacteria & Viral Invasion Get well & Stay Well

Trauma Remedy 8 oz Lotion $29.00

Address Pain & Injury Headaches & Cramps
Swelling & Bruising

Cleanse 8 oz Auroma $22.00

All Purpose Air/Body Mist/Freshener
Disinfect, Eliminate Odors Clear Negativity,
Insect Repellant, Resolve bug bite itching.

Cleanse 8 oz Lotion $26.00

All Purpose Body Lotion, Hand Sanitizer Disinfect,
Eliminate Odors Clear Negativity,
Treat Bug Bites, and Rashes, Refresh!