The Best Remedy comes from Nature!

Signature Auromas
Illumination Congress Harmonic Convergence Egypt 12:12 11-11-11 12-12-12 2012 New Moon Rising Ring of Fire, Soular Eclipse Signature Auroma Bottle

Auroma ~ A synergy of Essential Oil and Liquid Light Elixirs to Align the Aura of Life.

Mist the room and yourself, Take-in and Empower the Cosmic Energies of the Event!

When do we use a Signature Event Auroma?

Before to Prepare. During to Align.
After to Empower, then
Do Something REAL!
Any Time it Serves to Connect with and Empower those Energies and that Consciousness.

Signature Events

Send the name, date, time and location of event and number of bottles (2 or 4 oz) to

or call for a quote 520-746-3705

Be sure to ask about our multiple bottles discount.