The Best Remedy comes from Nature!

Representing the Cosmic Energies of the “Super Eclipse”
“Eclipse of the Century” “The Ring of Fire”

December 26, 2019
Just past Midnight EST

The Super Eclipse, December 26, 2019, brought
the Energies of Intense Change
and Opportunity for Exceptional Growth.

The Signature Formula is based on the Astrology Chart for the Event. Acording to World Renowned Astrologer, Bearer of the Aquarian~Wave, Healer and Teacher Jill Jardine “2020 will be a transformative year, marked by intense eclipse patterns at it’s onset.

The Ring of Fire Auroma has the powerful astrological signatures of Capricorn to keep you grounded. This essence activated with these new planetary energies, including Neptune in Pisces, helping us step through the eye of the needle. It’s time to evolve or dissolve! and Onward and Upward in 2020!”

The Auroma gives your energy a reference frequency to resonate
with and align to. It’s very personal and individual. It’s really All About You and how your energy is developing, your life progressing. When we need food we eat, rest we sleep, Soular Growth, Comfort or Support, we Shake and Spritz our Auroma!!!

Make the Most of your Journey by working with your Personal Soular Signature Auroma in conjunction with “The Ring of Fire” Auroma. Renew and Refresh Yourself while Embracing the Initiations and Transformations of Life, Be Anchored, Grounded, in Your Own Life, Processing Your Own Experience, Engaging in Your Own Dance with the Luminosity of Spirit!

We need your name, date, time and location of birth. We run the chart, formulate the Essential Blend and Personalize the label for $11.00 (this is a one time charge).
4 oz Auromas can be re-ordered for $22.00.

Email info to
re: Soular Signature

Empowerment Set

includes 4 oz each
Soular Signature and
Ring of Fire Auromas
plus 1 FREE refill vial for each.