The Best Remedy comes from Nature!

Master Connection

Representing our Spiritual Guides

Dance with the Masters of Light, our Avatars and Teachers in Developing the Soular Chakras and Acquiring 8

The Life Skills of a Master. These Elixirs are designed for those brave enough to face their own character flaws and Life Issues, Be Willing to own all aspects of Self, and determined to Empower their inherant Divine Nature as a Strong and Gentle Presence and Influence.

Liquid Light Elixir 15 ml Remedy Bottle ~ $7.00

Djwal Khul ~ Moving Energy

El Morya ~ Will, Determine

Hilarion ~ World Healer

Kuthumi ~ World Teacher

Lanto ~ Honor, Right-To-Life

Lady Nada ~ Graceful Transitions

Maha Chohan ~ Synthesize Creation

Mother Mary ~ World Mother

Pallas Athena ~ Right Livelihood

Sananda ~ Passion in Service,
the Christ~Light Consciousness

Sanat Kumara ~ Higher Perspective

Serapis Bey ~ Ascension Master

St. Germain ~ Violet Flame of
Transmutation and Freedom.

Set of 13 ~ $88.00

Includes Master of Light and Healing 4 oz Auromas
and Liquid Light Book

Remedy Bottle ~ 15 ml, labeled, cobalt blue bottle with black dropper and enough Mother Elixir to make the first generation, 1X, Vibrational Remedy. You add the bottling medium, we like distilled water with 40% brandy (50/50 Apricot/Ginger. Apricot brings Joy, Ginger balance and strength.) Shake the bottle vigorously to “Potentize” the Remedy. When down to the last dropper-full, refill the bottle with prefered medium and shake vigorously. You now have 2X Remedy. Homeopathically speaking, the more times the Remedy is reduced and re-Potentized the more powerful it becomes.

Vinegar can be used in place of brandy. Without a preservative, the Remedy can become contaminated and grow things.

Liquid Light is a bioDynamic Vibrational Remedy to Assist in Healing and Self-Empowerment.