The Best Remedy comes from Nature!

Mist the room and yourself... take-in the Essence-of-Light!
Empower your Spiritual Nature!

Experience the Magic of Liquid Light Auroma

Based on the Astrology Chart for Significant Events in the Creation of Liquid Light. Each Auroma contain a synergy of Astro~Harmonic Essential Blends and Liquid Light Elixirs.

They represent the Cosmic Energies Present during the Critical Moments of Creation.

The Medicine Wheel ~ May 29, 1993 ~ sacred circle of life where we send the smoke of our prayers to Great Spirit and Receive Divine Inspiration.

Masters of Light, Serapis Bey and St. Germain ~ August 6, 1993 ~ align with the universal light and the Path of the Soul for Regenerative Healing, Transmutation and Ascension Assistance.

Masters of Healing, Sananda and Lady Nada ~ August 8, 1993 ~ Follow the call of Spirit and enter the Sacred Garden where we Quicken the Physical Body, Heart and Soul.

The Three Sisters ~ August 11, 1993 ~ the Elder aligns the Heart and Soul with the Personal Path. The 3 Sisters corn, beans and squash were given to first man to nourish growth and sustain life.

Kokopelli ~ October 13, 1993 ~ In Chaco Canyon Kokopelli Medicine brought the seeds of Fertility, Prosperity and Longevity. Dance with Kokopelli through the seasons of the circle.

4 oz Auroma $17.00

15 ml Anointing Oil $22.00

Free Auroma and Annointing Oil
with purchase of Liquid Light Set

Lady Mirium

Auroma and Anointing Oil

Experience the rich earth tones of Spikenard lightened by Bergamot and sweetened by Ylang Ylang. Bestows the Breath of Grace through Detachment. Surrender to the Flow of the Natural Order.

2 oz Auroma $12.00

9 ml Anointing Oil $22.00
includes decorative bottle with
anointing wand.

Liquid Light is a bioDynamic Vibrational Remedy
to Assist in Healing and Self-Empowerment.