The Best Remedy comes from Nature!

Liquid Light Elixirs

~ a Gift from the Masters of Light ~

Channeled Blends of Flower and Gem Essences,
Sacred and Cosmically Infused Waters,
Charged in a Medicine Wheel
Toned with a Heart Chakra Crystal Bowl

Liquid Light Provides a Reference Frequency for
Aligning Core Energies

to help Identify with and Empower the Light of the Soul and

Develop the Consciousness and Life Skills of a Master.

the 12 Rays & Soular Chakras

~ 12 Harmonic Vibrations of Light
Representing the Aspects of our Divine Nature and
the Laws of Creation

The tones playing through the Soular Chakras Qualifying and Quantifying our Experience of Life. Walk the Path of Life as a Conscious Creator Inspiring and Inspiriting with Soular Light.

the Rays help resolve Developmental Issues
to Empower Life Skills.

Master Connection

Representing our Spiritual Guides

Dance with the Masters of Light, our Avatars and Teachers in Developing the Soular Chakras and Acquiring the Life Skills of a Master. These Elixirs are designed for those brave enough to face their own character flaws and Life Issues, Be Willing to own all aspects of Self, and determined to Empower their inherent Divine Nature as a Strong and Gentle Presence and Influence.

Specialty Blends

~ remedies for Cosmic Conditions
or ~ remedies to give you Cosmic Conditions

These blends are designed for intervention. They support the process of facing, resolving, and moving on... perhaps to find a more appropriate or self-empowered approach and response. We tend to be creatures of habit and habits too often fail to fit the situation at hand. A Life Master is in the moment, responding to what is now with confidence, treading lightly and embracing wisdom.

Life Elixirs

A Blast of the Force!

These blends are designed to Catalyze Dynamic Expansion Toward the Light... for Astral Free-Flow Beyond the outer-limits of Reality where the Creator Gods Play.

Egypt 12:12

Waters Charged in the Temples and Pyramids of Egypt during the Spiritual Journey of 12:12, “Gateway to Freedom.” In Merging Orion the Warrior with Ophiucus the Healer, we open a portal of Aquarian Light and enter a New Paradigm.

The Warrior gives the Healer Strength and Courage, the Healer gives the Warrior Compassion and Tender Mercy, together they bring New Ways of Being.

Liquid Light Auromas and Anointing Oil

Liquid Light Books

Ready to Ride the Cosmic Waves?

The Magic of Liquid Light Collection ~ $333.00

44, 15 ml Remedy Bottles of Elixir,
Rays, Masters, Specialties and Life,
6, 4 oz Auromas, Lady Mirium 2 oz Auroma and Anointing Oil, Liquid Light Catalogue, Brochures and Book.

Mystic Journey Set

Add Egypt 12:12 Collection ~ $444.00

includes a free Egypt 12:12 anointing oil