The Best Remedy comes from Nature!

Grans Cross Collection of Signature Auromas Image

Empower New Life with the Grand Cross Energies!

It began with the Grand Cross Initiation, Spring Equinox, 3-20-14
Intensified during the Blood Moon, Lunar Eclipse, 4-15-14
Preparing the path for the Cardinal Grand Cross 4-21-14
We’re all present when the Cosmos Showers us,
and ...
sometimes we want MORE!
We’ve “Captured the Moment” with our Signature Auromas.
Now we can Consciously Work with these Amazing Energies
to Empower an Aspect of Life!

To understand the dynamics of this Significant Event go to:

* Initiation of the etheric blueprint from the 1st quarter of 2014;
* Firing up of the morphegenic grid with cardinal fire (in Aries);
* Setting the matrix for the archetypal 'Cardinal Grand Cross',
the '2014 Initiation' at the Vernal Equinox
with astrology/psychology/spirituality "testing" (initiation).

Grand Cross Initiation 3-20-14 Title Image Grand Cross Initiation Information

A Door Opens...
a Soul Enters and Receives a Gift, a Spark of Light,
a Seed to Inspire the Journey and Support the Path.

Sets include one of each Auroma

Blood Moon Title Image Grand Cross Blood Moon Information

A Metamorphosis...
the Soul Sheds all that No Longer Serves
as New Potentials Begin to Form.

Sets include one of each Auroma

Cardinal Grand Cross Title Image Cardinal Grand Cross Information

Sets include one of each Auroma

Rainbow Butterfly

The Soul Emerges...
a New Life Begins to Unfold
in the Continuous Circle of Creation.

What Wisdoms will Come Forth?
What Lessons Learned? What Life Skills Mastered?
What Beauty, Grace and Dignity will Illuminate the Path?

Signature Auromas are Designed to
Support your Journey and Align your Process.
You do the Work.

You Develop the Life Skills and Master the Process.
It’s YOUR LIFE, Use Your Power!