The Best Remedy comes from Nature!

based on the Astrology chart for
February 18, 2015
the Second New Moon in Aquarius.

Super Moon ~ when the moon is closest to the earth and in direct alignment with the sun and earth ~ this intensifies the effect, giving us a heavy dose of energy, urging us to move on and get on with the program of Aquarius ~ forward thinking, inovative, New Paradigms to Reflect a New Era of Life!

When do we use a Signature Event Auroma? Before to Prepare. During to Embrace. After to Align and Empower, then, Do Something REAL!

Auroma ~ A synergy of Essential Oil and Liquid Light Elixirs to Align and Sustain the Aura of Life. Mist the room and yourself, Take-in and Empower the Cosmic Energies of Light!