The Best Remedy comes from Nature!

December 12, 1994, Cairo Egypt, the Constellation of Orion, the Warrior, sat at 12 o’clock, and Ophiucus, the Serpent Healer at 6 o’clock. Between 12 midnight and 12 noon they switched positions in the sky.

We gathered in Egypt on a Spiritual Journey, riding the waters of the Nile to visit Temples and Pyramids, and received the 12 * Initiations to open our hearts, expand our minds and embrace the merging of the warrior and healer within, opening the Star~Gate to Freedom, portal of Aquarius.

Egypt 12:12 Elixir, 15 ml remedy bottle ~ $7.00

* Menkaure ~ helps bring us to a place of honor, just and fair. Be a witness to the drama of life, knowing “who I AM and what I’m About.” Be about my own life and business in a world of chaos and distractions.

* Isis-Philae ~ Divine Mother Alignment ~ connect with Spiritual Name and Identity. Helps restore Life to the Soul and the ability to Speak Truth from the Heart. Restore the power of the Soul to Source Life. Divine Mother who Guides the Initiate along the Path.

* Elephantine ~ Root Chakra Activation ` strengthen resolve. Grounds through the balance of opposites, stear clear of attachments, opinions, and self-indulgence. Walk on the black and white tiles of life, centered, embracing the flows of time and event as a force of balance.

* Abu Simbel ~ Equinox Alignment ~ align with the Natural Order and Flows of Creation through the eternal cycles of light and dark. Helps Reveal and Heal the perceived betrayals of life and relationships “the Covenants of Life,” to restore the Life Force of the Soul.

* Hathor ~ be in a state of readiness to face and respond to Life! Live in Harmony with Self, Others and the Universe. Goddess of Sound Healing.

* Com Ombo ~ Flower of Life Mystery School ~ heal the places of Vengence in the Heart through Expanding Perceptions and the Ability to Take-in and Know about the Surrounding World NOW.

* Edfu ~ Sacral Chakra Activation ~ celebrate the “Beauteous Embrace,” dynamic thrust of Life and Relationship. Temple of Marriage and Birthing Rites.

* Esna ~ we Fashion Life from the Clay of the Earth, Strengthen it in the Rays of the Sun, and Sustain it with the Waters of the Nile in the Continuous Cycle of Creation.

* Karnak ~ Solar Plexus Chakra Activation ~ deal with issues of self importance and ego. Ritual Bath to Cleanse the Initiate, shed limiting attitudes and perceptions which are not Self Evident to Develop the Power and Strength of a Spiritual Warrior.

* Luxor ~ Avenue of Sphinx to Align our Spiritual Nature ~ align the thrust of Personal Will with Divine Will and receive the Songs, Prayers, Music and Rejoicing in Celebration of the Soul’s Emergence.

* Memnon ~ place of Pilgrimage to hear the Oracle Speak at sunrise (the expansion of cracked sandstone heating in the desert sun... when repaired it fell silent forever). Listen to the Inner Profit and know your Divine Essence. Don’t fix what isn’t broke.

* Hatshepsut ~ embody the inherant strength and fortitude in accomplishing goals and fulfilling your heart’s desires. In bringing forth true Valor and Strength of Character surrounded by Love and Joy, we can accomplish great things.

* Valley of the Kings ~ Passage through the Underworld to the Afterworld ~ the initiate must pass through the 12 Gateways representing life challenges and pitfalls, facing personal demons, knowing who and what they represent, and with steady calmness and focus pass by unscathed and unattached.

* Merneptah ~ embraces the laws of cause and effect, “as I sow, so shall I reap,” and the rites of passage from birth to death in the continuous cycle of creation.

* Tutankhamen ~ Weigh the Heart against a Feather ~ helps face and clear the burdens of life... transgressions against others, demeaning thoughts and atitudes, unworthy use of time, energy and skill, lack of Spiritual Integrity. Only when the heart is as light as a feather can the Soul enter the Realm of the Gods.

* Abydos ~ Heart Chakra Activation ~ the 11 Hathorian Mysteries of Healing, Resurrection and Immortality. Enter the Living Membrace, where we weave the fabric of life, mend the wounds of the Soul, and Breathe New Life into the Heart of Creation.

* Dendera ~ turn chaos into order. Site of the Egyptian Zodiac showing the Journey of the Star-Walker as he passes through time and space, using available resource to create and experience.

* Sakkara ~ Throat Chakra Activation ~ develop and align personal power, intent and ability to command. 7 Step Pyramid representing the Sacred Path uniting Heaven and Earth.

* Great Pyramid ~ Crown Chakra Activation ~ King’s Chamber Initiation 12:12~ enter the House of Immortality, lay in the King’s Chamber sarcophagus, the womb, and merge with the Essence of Divine Presence, the everything and the nothing, the place from which all things arise and then return.

* the Sphinx ~ understand the bigger picture and our connection to the cosmos. Unravel the mysteries and solve the riddles of life in our dimension. Remember, what you believe determines what you experience.

* Star~Gate 12:12 ~ Portal of Auqarian Light ~ all things come from within and radiate into the world. As we merge our opposing forces we come to the Null Zone where all potential begins and all options reside. With Open Heart and Clear Intent, Choose Wisely.

* Reflections ~ face the shadows of the Soul ~ made from a stone from the Pit of the Great Pyramid, it helps us face our own shadow nature and gives opportunity to redeem ourselves and correct the ways in which we go astray.

*Ground ~ anchor the energy in real life ~ a stone from the Merlin Caves, a gift to share. Helps bring Etheric Experiences into the Real World and find Application in Life.

Set 15 bottles, 4 oz Auroma, Book and Temple Guide ~
( 12 Temples plus Star~Gate 12:12, Reflections and Ground Elixirs) $112.00

Master Set 23 Elixirs, 4 oz Egypt 12:12 Auroma Temple Guide and Book ~ $155.00

Egypt 12:12 Auroma 4oz $17.00

Egypt 12:12 Anointing Oil 15ml $22.00

Remedy Bottle ~ 15 ml, labeled, cobalt blue bottle with black dropper and enough Mother Elixir to make the first generation, 1X, Vibrational Remedy. You add the bottling medium, we like distilled water with 40% brandy (50/50 Apricot/Ginger. Apricot brings Joy, Ginger balance and strength.) Shake the bottle vigorously to “Potentize” the Remedy. When down to the last dropper-full, refill the bottle with prefered medium and shake vigorously. You now have 2X Remedy. Homeopathically speaking, the more times the Remedy is reduced and re-Potentized the more powerful it becomes.

Vinegar can be used in place of brandy. Without a preservative, the Remedy can become contaminated and grow things.

Egypt 12:12 elixirs are a bioDynamic Vibrational Remedy to Assist in Healing and Self-Empowerment.